Welcome to Daniel Kientzy‘s official Website

Daniel Kientzy is considered as the hero of the contemporary saxophone.

Winning First Prize unanimously in saxophone and chamber music at the Paris Conservatory (CNSM) was not enough to satisfy his need to augment the repertoire and alter the stereotyped image of the saxophone at the time. He continuously researches and discovers new playing techniques as well as new forms of musical expression that have revolutionized both the saxophone and the world of contemporary music.

He is the only saxophonist who regularly plays all members of the saxophone family, from the minnow sopranino to the behemoth contrabass saxophone.

Continuously, he encourages the composing of new works, as of 2014 they number over 700. They come from all geographic and aesthetic horizons. They also illustrate all kinds of international musical creativity, from solo concertos through theater music and electroacoustic music. Many of these compositions implement unique instrumental combinations or even use instruments unheard of in contemporary music. More than half of these works have been recorded or arc in the process of being recorded by Daniel Kientzy.

Actually Daniel Kientzy has published (2014) 93 records in differents countries : France, Spain, Rumania, Russia, United States, Denmark, Corea, Portugal,  etc…

He has given to the saxophone a presence and a new scenic dimension. He is considerate as the “inventor”of the contemporary saxophone.

The instrumentarium of Daniel Kientzy consists of the following :

– The Total Saxophone, meaning the entire seven members of the saxophone family without any hierarchy.
– Electronics in real time in order to spatialize and color the sounds including those coming from Saxologie as a way to enlarge the possibilities of musical poetry beyond the limits imposed by only pitches and intensities.
– The recording studio for creating new forms of multi-instrument « acousmatique » purely musical and magic, towards a cinema for the cars.